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Important Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been managing rental and investment properties?

Premier Realty was founded in 1990 and has been managing property for over 27 years.

Do you have any type of “set-up fees”?

Premier Realty never charges a set-up fee. Some companies charge as much as $500 or more simply to take on the management of your property. Our service speaks for itself. We don’t need to price gouge to keep your business.

What fees do you charge, if any, while managing my property while it is vacant?

While your property is vacant and unrented, there is absolutely no management fee due to Premier Realty.

Do you charge lease preparation fees in addition to your management and rental fees?

We never charge lease preparation fees to the owners of our managed properties.

Do you charge any extra fees when coordinating repairs?

Premier Realty does not charge any other fees beyond the normal monthly management fees agreed to. We know that some companies charge for every phone call or for making arrangements for maintenance repairs. That’s just not us.

Do you have any annual fees?

Our management fees are inclusive. We won’t charge any additional fees to continue yearly management.

Do you handle seasonal and resort properties?

Yes. We welcome your resort and vacation properties as part of our portfolio and always need more.

Why do I even need a management company to handle my property rentals?

A 3rd person, independent of the principles, has a true perspective of the situation and is in a better position to achieve the best results. This is our business and what we do, let us take care of you.


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