Property Management Services

Services to Help You Locate and Secure a Qualified Tenant

Submit your property into the local MLS listing service

Contact the list of potential tenants we already have on hand in an effort to match with a qualified prospect

Distinctive signage offering your property for rent or lease

Advertise your property for rent / lease

Advertise your property on our website as well as other social media sites

Arrange for any local, state, and/or federal inspections needed to legally offer your property for rent

Complete all local, state, and federal lead testing and arrange for registration with proper authorities

Negotiate terms and condition of the rental agreement to obtain the highest possible return for our clients.

Prepare a lease agreement customized to your specific property for the prospective tenant

Secure any and all security deposits

Negotiate any lease details with co-operating agent and tenant if necessary

Review any credit reports and qualifying information

Meet with prospective tenants and perform a thorough walk-thru

Complete a custom property condition report specifically for your property

Complete move-in photos documenting condition of your home

Release keys to the tenant when all items are completed to our satisfaction

Great!! Premier Realty has rented our property and the owners are making money!

What will happen next?

Monthly statements are e-mailed to the owners for their review and records

Routine drive-by inspections of your property

Conduct routine periodic inspections of the property

What if there is a problem?

Emergency Repairs


We receive any notification of maintenance problems or issues directly from the tenant. They are verified, and if valid, obtain repair estimates and contact seller for instructions and approval

We will prepare and deliver any legal notices in compliance with state and federal statutes due to late rent and lease violations as well as assist with filing and follow-up of all proceedings in regard to late payments as well as tenant evictions if necessary

How does the owner get paid?


Rental income will be collected by us and paid from the tenant directly to our company


Once deposit clears, any fees and/or bills approved by the owner are deducted


Proceeds are mailed directly to the owners

Change in Tenancy?

We Service All of Your Lease Expiration, Renewal or Termination Needs!

Negotiate annual lease renewals or non-renewal notices as applicable

If tenant is not renewing, market property for rent / lease prior to move out date to reduce additional vacancy rate

Arrange and attend evictions or move-out inspections with tenant

Advise owner of condition and how to proceed with tenant’s security deposit as described by state / federal laws

Distribute security deposit as per agreement by tenant and owners

Arrange for any inspections and/or repairs to prepare property for rental to next tenant


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